Art gallery relocation 101

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Art is either priceless or very expensive. We should appreciate all forms of art and artists. Art is a delicate thing whether we are talking about paintings from the 15th century or new age sculptures made out of steel. Even the steel sculptures need to be dealt with care. So what happens what an art gallery relocation is needed? You can only imagine how tricky it can be to do just that. We are here to give you some tips and advice on what you can do in order to have art gallery relocation without the unnecessary mess.

Find a new gallery first

When you start thinking about moving your art gallery, you need to know what kind of improvements your new gallery needs to have. Is it bigger walls, more spacious rooms, bigger windows? Better location? These are the things you need to put down on paper and then navigate your search by those requirements. Why? Well, because if you aren’t sure what you need, then you don’t need to waste time moving your art gallery. Art gallery relocation is a considerably long process that requires a lot of time, money and energy. Why waste all of that for nothing?

Once you have found your new spot it’s time to hire a reliable moving company such as Remember that the help of experienced professionals with this task is a must.

Hiring a moving company

The next step is to hire a moving company. Yes, you need them. Moving art is a tricky process and you don’t want to deal with that yourself. Our sincere advice is to hire movers even if you need to relocate your fine art collection from home. This way you will feel less stressed about everything and you will have more energy to act right away if something goes wrong by any chance.

Remember to hire your reliable movers as soon as possible to avoid having any issues. Figure out what the perfect date for the relocation is. Inform the company that you are having an art gallery relocation. You have to do this in order to get the best people on the team working to move your gallery.

Why is it important to hire professional movers?

Hiring professionals means you will have fewer things to think about, but you will still have a lot. Professionals are there to help you and make your move happen without any issues. Moving mishaps are common when you are moving alone. Hiring a moving company also means you have insurance, so if something goes wrong you will receive some money as compensation for the damage. Talk about this with the company you decide to hire especially because you are moving art. And we already told you that art needs to be handled with care.

Packing for your art gallery relocation

Now that you have your new gallery and your movers booked, it’s time to slowly start packing your art. And packing art is a long process so you better start right away. It’s important to do it slowly and carefully. This is a job that can’t be done in a day. You need to find the right moving supplies first. But beware! There are certain things you should avoid doing:

  1. The first thing you should avoid is using newspaper. Using newspaper to pack your art can seriously damage it. The ink can rub off even if the newspaper isn’t wet. And we believe you really don’t want to have some news story from a few weeks ago on your one-of-a-kind piece forever. To prevent this from happening, use regular paper. It might cost you more but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Don’t use parchment paper either. Parchment paper can damage glass.
  3. Also, avoid using packing peanuts. Packing peanuts sometimes break into little pieces and wedge into everything like the tiny spaces between the glass of your artwork and the frame. It’s really hard to get them out. When these are presented to water, they become like glue. This can seriously damage your art and cost you a lot of money.

What should you use?

When packing art, there aren’t a lot of things that you can use to keep them safe. The best thing that won’t damage your art is the bubble pack. You can use bubble pack for all sorts of art. From small to big. From paintings to sculptures. Anything can be packed in bubble pack. And it’s cheap. Bubble pack is also recyclable so if you use it, make sure you recycle it.

You need big sturdy cardboard boxes, too. Use these cardboard boxes to transport your paintings. But wrap them in bubble pack first. Don’t overpack the boxes. No matter how sturdy they are, they can always open up, even if you have sealed them well.

Use regular packing paper to fill empty space in the boxes and absorb the shock inside. Remember – no newspaper and no packing peanuts should be used.

When wrapping sculptures in bubble pack, make sure you seal them with tape too. Put multiple layers of both bubble pack and tape just to be sure. Pay special attention to bigger sculptures, since they are bulky, heavier and more difficult to pack.


Art gallery relocation is one of the things that you either do wrong or right. There is no in between. But if you listen to our advice and our tips, your art gallery relocation will be smooth and without any mishaps. Hopefully, you gathered some information on how to do it the right way. Good luck!

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