Lesser Known Cafes in Bhutan

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Bhutan, popularly known as “The Land of Thunder Dragon” is a unique travel destination. The land is greatly influenced by Buddhism and its devotees can be seen quite often in Bhutan. Huge monasteries, mountain ranges, widespread greenery are the synonyms to beautiful Bhutan.

Tourists from all over the world visit Bhutan every year just to witness the majestic views and abundant nature this land is blessed with. Bhutan tourism is very warm welcoming towards the visitors, people of Bhutan are extremely friendly as well. Besides being popular for its Buddhist monasteries, unique festivals, vast mountain ranges, and plentiful nature, food is also contributing to its popularity.

What Makes Bhutanese cuisine Distinct from Other Cuisines of the World?

Bhutan has a wide range of fascinating dishes to offer its guests. Their flavors are quite distinct from what we usually eat. One needs to be well aware of the fact that Bhutanese love hot and spicy flavor, the extensive use of chilies in their dishes makes this quite evident. All those tourists with zero chilly tolerance must query about the dish before consuming. There are sweet and sour flavors too in the cuisine of Bhutan Tourism, all the chilly haters can feast on that.

The land of Bhutan is often linked with nature, ancient culture and traditions, colorful festivals, and a little touch of modernization. But, this isn’t completely true, today Bhutan has developed a lot, their food culture has evolved too. Numerous cafes are being opened and running successfully in the land of thunder dragon. While locals are already aware of their existence, tourists visiting Bhutan are still not aware of this developed food culture.

In the current scenario, multiple cafes are flourishing in Bhutan, Italian to Chinese all flavors can be relished at these places. Bhutan has a variety of Non-veg dishes, yet a significant number of Bhutanese people are vegetarians, which means there exist quite a good amount of food options for vegetarians as well.

Here is a list of some beautiful Cafes in Bhutan that every traveler soul must explore while visiting Bhutan:

  • Ambient Café, Thimphu

The most significant name among Bhutanese for a good cup of coffee, this place is the most loved cafe in Bhutan. The opening hours of this cafe is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Some of the heavenly flavored dishes here are- Carrot cake, Olive Pizza, Banana Shake, Oolong Tea and obviously the coffee.

The ambient cafe offers free Wi-Fi and book reading services to all its customers. This place would be an ideal choice for all kind of eaters, be it the vegetarian, vegan or Gluten-free eater. Make sure to visit this place anytime you are in Bhutan.

  • Champaca Cafe, Paro

This aura of this place is quite aromatic and musical. It’s a cozy little cafe in the town of Paro serving yummy food at the most reasonable rates. If you desire to devour some light food with the sip of amazing coffee or espresso, this is an ideal choice.

The most loved food options here are- Mushroom cheese sandwich, Espresso, Pastries, Chilli cheese fries, rice noodle soup, and their freshly baked biscuits. Opening hours here are- 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

  • Central Café, Thimphu

Located near the Hongkong Market in Thimphu central, the name is totally justified. This café has been the center of attraction for locals since its opening and still winning hearts. Serving some most authentic European cuisine with great options for vegetarians as well, the flavors are mind-blowing.

The list of favorites at this place is quite long, or you can say that everything here is delicious, it would be difficult to find something bad in their dishes. Naming a few of the dishes and beverages here are- Lattes, Chocolate pastry, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli Toast, Cheesecake, Asian Chicken with rice, and Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes.

  • Thija Café, Thimphu

One more food gem located near the clock tower in Thimphu has become the local’s favorite. This cafe is perfect for all kind of meals, breakfast, lunch, brunch or even dinner. They have a menu for vegetarian and vegan-friendly people as well. It is quite spacious with the best serving staff in town.

This cafe serves the best meal for all the pork and meat lovers. People often come here for a chilled mug of beer or hot sips of coffee. Favorite of this place include- Croissants, Hazelnut coffee, Tuna sandwich, Chicken burger, pork lovers’ breakfast, meat lover’s pizza, and meaty fries.

  • Coffee Culture, Thimphu

You must be wondering a place filled with the aroma of coffee in every corner, so let me stop you there, besides serving the best coffee in town it also serves numerable drool-worthy dishes and beverages. Cafe opens its door for foodies by 11 a.m. and closes it by 11 p.m. giving you access to late night binge eating too.

If you are craving some uniquely delicious momos in Bhutan, without a tinge of doubt visit coffee culture. Everyone visited here has only good things to say about the place, there are least chances of bad reviews to come. The most loved eating and drinking options here are- Crème Brulee, Sesame chicken, Beef burger, Ema Datsi momos, Chilli dumplings, Walnut brownie, Chicken patty, and sandwiches.

  • Spices Indian Restaurant, Thimphu

Had too much of international flavors and quick snacks and now your heart is craving for authentic Indian flavors, the answer is Spices. The opening hours are from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. This restaurant is just a few doors down from Coffee Culture.

This place serves true flavors of Indian cuisine for both veg and non-veg eaters. From biryani to dal makhana to crispy naan, everything is scrumptious. List of must-try dishes here is- daal makhani, suji halwa, Dahi chaat, chicken masala, garlic naan, chole Bhatoor, and tender kebabs.

Bhutan is one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world, its popularity is attributable to the magnificent nature, majestic monasteries and the friendliness of locals. Bhutan tourism serves exceptional experiences to its guests, from food to sightseeing, everything is enjoyable and time-worthy here.


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