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Moving from a small town to a big city – how to adjust

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Nowadays, moving from a small town to a big city is really common. People move because they got transferred, or they are looking for a better job, or simply, looking for a better future. But living in a big city has both advantages and disadvantages. It can also be a cultural shock for many people as well. It does not matter if you are moving to the same country, as rural and urban places have completely different characters and offer different lifestyles. You will have to do a lot of adjusting. And start preparing for this big change in your life on time. Moving from a small town to a big city can be a daunting task. But, do not worry! We will give you some helpful tips and tricks that will hopefully help you adjust to big city living. 

Adjust to Higher Cost of Living

Well, the first thing you will notice when moving from a small town to a big city is the difference in prices. And we mean, all prices. Everything is more expensive in the big city. So, bear in mind that you will need a good income if you want to live comfortably. The first thing that you will have to adjust to, is paying a lot more money for an apartment or house that is three times smaller then what you are used to. That means that you will probably not have enough room for all your stuff. So, before moving from a small town to a big city you have to downsize. If however, you must take all of your stuff with you, consider having your own storage unit in the city. That way, you will save money on rent. And, there are many advantages of using storage as well. Yes, the prices of all common things are a lot higher than what you are probably used to. But, bear in mind that salaries are higher as well. 

Adjust to the ‘Long Trips’ to the Store

There are numerous gigantic supermarkets all over the city. But, big cities are also overcrowded by people. And everybody needs food, right? So, your quick and stress-free trips to the store are not going to be possible in the big city. You will have to look for a parking spot and then fight for it, you will have to push through the crowd and wait long lines at the supermarket. This daunting task can last for hours. So, what you can do to save your energy and time is to visit the store in non-pick hours. That is usually in the morning. Avoid shopping after work or in the evening as everybody will be doing the same. Also, if possible finish and buy everything during the week. At weekends, all the stores are crowded.

Adjust to Driving and Rush Hour

Another thing that you will notice when moving from a small town to a big city is that streets are complicated and driving is a challenge. That is something to take into consideration when moving to any big city.  In rural areas, people need their cars, but in cities, driving a car is not that common. And there are many reasons for that. First, public transportation is well developed. You can use a subway, a bus, or a train to commute or go around the city. Or if you are in a hurry, you can always take a taxi. But, having fewer cars does not mean that there are no traffic jams. Be sure that you will always be stuck in traffic. That is a part of living in a big city. Also, if you think that having a car is a must, then make sure to learn all the rules of the road. They can be different from city to city.

Adjust to Less Personal Space

So, before you start looking for relocation assistants in Elmwood Park, NJ, make sure that you are a big city material. Moving from a small town to a big city means constantly being surrounded by people. They will be in front of your door, sitting on the same bench in the park as you, waiting in the same line, riding the subway and walking by your side at all times. It is just something that you have to adjust to. You will have no personal space. Only in your comfortable little apartment or house, you can enjoy being completely alone without anybody breathing at your neck. However, when you are outside, there are still some things you can do to preserve some of that personal space. Try to avoid eye contact, act busy, pretend to look at your phone or read a book. This may sound rude, but once you experience the lack of personal space, you will act the same.

Adjust to Waiting For a Table

Waiting for a table is a normal thing and very common for big cities. Well, maybe it is an overreaction to say that you will have to wait in every single bar or restaurant. But, in most of them – you will! People just love going out and meeting their friends in some of the city’s hotspots. Who doesn’t? So, when you go out, prepare to wait in line for a seat. This is an obstacle, but at the same time, it is an easy one to overcome. For example, if you want to avoid waiting, you can make it a habit to make reservations. Or, you can simply avoid going out on Fridays and Saturdays when it is usually the most crowded time.

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