Moving to North Carolina 101

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The population of North Carolina is 10.4 million, and if you are considering living and moving there, you should be prepared and have some tips. Knowing the basics about moving to North Carolina are essential to stay organized and not to be scared. Probably there are a lot of questions in your mind, what to do after moving what the costs of living are, what company to choose for relocation, how to pack the belongings, etc. These are all normal questions, and here are the answers.

Things to know before moving to NC

Getting to know a place you are moving to will help you adjust faster. Being in North Carolina for the first time can be very stressful, unfortunately, but it does not have to be when you have all the facts. From the job market to weather. To get ready when moving properly, first, you need to do research.

  • Climate is perfect if you want to experience all four seasons. Sun, rain, wind, and snow. When the summer comes, it is a perfect time to go to the beach, and in the winter, visit the mountains and enjoy the cold weather.
  • One of the biggest industries is IBM, Lowe’s Companies, Smithfield Food, GlaxoSmithKline.
  • It has 16 colleges and universities.
  • The unemployment rate is 4% (the US average is 3.8%, so the difference is not that big).
  • Most popular cities and biggest are Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro. Vibrant life, restaurants, museums, art…that attracts people to come here.
  • GDP is growing, so the economy is booming.

Meet this state because it has a lot to offer, together with beautiful nature and national parks. Being prepared for moving means to have all the right information about the place you are moving to and you will adjust much faster and easier.

Fun facts about North Carolina

Relocation does not have to be boring. By reading some fun and interesting facts about a state you are moving to, having fun is un-avoided. Relocating to North Carolina is a totally new experience and some things will be so much different for you.

  • Basketball is a huge part of life here. Even if you do not this sport, you will, after moving to North Carolina.
  • On the same level is bbq too. The barbecue scene is rich so find your favorite taste and you will be speechless.
  • NC became a tech hub, with all those amazing universities.
  • Here you will see some of the most amazing and beautiful waterfalls. It is a state of waterfalls, so you will love it here.
  • Universities in The Tar Heel state have a big role in the economy.
  • If you cannot choose between mountains and beach, NC is the perfect place, because it has both.
  • Mornings are cold, even when the rest of the day is hot, so dressing in layers is highly recommended.
  • Young professionals are moving here because of affordable houses and job opportunities.
  • It is becoming more diverse because of the Latino population.
  • A Tar Heel treat is a Cheerwine, sweet soft cherry drink.

Costs of moving and living in North Carolina

Costs of moving can be very high, especially long-distance costs. But, even in that case, there are some ways to make moving cross country on a tight budget possible. Not hiring a moving company is not one of the options, because it is a big risk. Before you start a new life in North Carolina, you better calculate all the costs of moving and living there and set a moving budget.

  • Housing is the major cost you will have after relocation to NC, like in any other state. The average home value is $175,000 which is considered very affordable. But, in the bigger cities, for example, Charlotte, prices are higher (about $250,000).
  • The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $910 (about $200 lower than the national average).
  • A gallon of gas is $2.71, and a monthly bus pass is $88.
  • The flat tax rate is 5.2%.

Costs for relocation to NC from your current place depends on many different factors. First of all, the distance (which cannot be changed). But, costs also depend on the size and weight of your moving boxes, travel fees, packing, and additional moving services. Packing by yourself when moving is one of the options for how you can save money and stick to the budget. On the other hand, you can always find the best rated moving companies in North Carolina and to have an affordable and stress-free move.

Best places to live in NC

Where to live in North Carolina, mostly depends on your and your lifestyle. Are you moving because of job, education, fun, to be with your partner? These are some of the best places to live here, in this state according to affordability, quality of life, diversity, crime rate, housing, and nightlife.

  • Uptown
  • Morrisville
  • Cary
  • Davidson
  • Apex
  • Chapel Hill
  • Clemmons
  • Oak Ridge

Hiring a company for moving to North Carolina

How to find a company that is reliable, experienced, licensed, insured, and reputable at the time. Seems like impossible, but it is not. Get recommendations from friends, ask for referrals, and search online. For example, on you can get all the information about a mover you want to hire.

Moving to North Carolina with a moving company is easier and safer. Of course, if the company you hired, is good and professional. Costs will depend on where you are moving from, the size of a move and additional services such as packing and storage.  Now, when you have all the basics, relocation process and your new life can start.

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