Jade roller ₱350

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Sarap gamitin besh lalo na pg galing s ref, nkka RELAX superrrr 😊!

Made from Natural Stone
With vacuum sealer to promote hygiene

Jade Roller will make your eyebags and wrinkles go away!

 Reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin
 Instantly reshape the face contour
 Reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead, and neck
 Activates the skin to keep moisture and elasticity
 Stimulates the lymphatic system
 Improve blood circulation
 Brightening complexion
 Tightening pores
 Helping reduce the appearance of fine lines
 Allows skincare products to penetrate more deeply

After using this, your skin will always feel cool and calm. Used by many celebrities as it is believed to have healing and protective properties. Jade rollers are made out of the gorgeous jade green stone and have a rolling piece at the top with a handle. Some jade rollers have a smaller roller at the bottom of the handle too, which can be great to use on smaller areas of the face.

 Jade Roller is 100% natural and is used in many centuries
 Easy at home treatment
 Rejuvenates tired and dull complexions
 Helps firm skin and smoothens it

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