Buying Property in France: An expert guide

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So you are considering buying property in France. That is great! France can be a great place to own a home in as it has a mild climate, rich history and many different options for real estate. But, in order to make the right purchase and enjoy your new piece of land you need to know what buying real estate in France is all about. Luckily, we are here to help.

About buying property in France

Buying property in France is pretty similar to buying property anywhere else in the world. You need to choose carefully, take your time and pay attention. The one thing that might be a bit different from people coming from English speaking countries is that be a bit more difficult when it comes to legal paperwork. The French government has a bit more to say when it comes to real-estate then you might normally be used to. But, with some professional help, you will be able to get a home in France with ease.

Finding the right real estate agent

Trying to get a home without hiring a real estate agent is never a good idea. Sure, you can try checking websites and even contacting real estate companies. But, without a good real estate agent helping you, the odds of you finding a decent home to purchase are minimal. The reason for that is two-fold. First, good homes sell easy and fast. If a home is in decent condition and the owners are not asking for a hefty price, it will be sold fast. Too fast for anyone who is not constantly dealing with the real estate market to notice. Second, a good real estate agent has local info and connections. This is especially important when buying a home in France as you will have a hard time finding offers. So, do yourself a favor, and hire a real estate agent before buying a home in France.


Getting a mortgage for buying a home in France is also a viable option. But, again, you need to know what you are doing in order to make a smart decision. There are different types of mortgages that you can get and there are different payment plans that you can use. In order to get a mortgage you will need a Frech bank account and you will need to be aware of the taxes that come along with mortgages. All in all, there is a lot you need to take into consideration in order to make a wise decision.

The main difference between Frech and US homes

Homes in Frace are made to last. You can easily find homes in France that have stood their ground for many generations. Therefore, you can be assured that they are made from sturdy material that will last you a long time with proper maintenance. But, this can mean that the homes will be more expensive. Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into determining how a much a home will cost. But, it is safe to assume that a well-built home that has stood the test of time will cost a fair amount. You can even buy a 17th century home in Frace, which is something that you definitely cannot do in the US. Just remember that the older a home is, the more money will it take to maintain it.

Moving to France

The most common reason for buying property in France is due to relocation. And, whether you plan on living there permanently or not, you will have to spend at least some time in France in order to deal with all the paperwork regarding your home.

Our advice is to first research France as much as you can. The more you know about France the more you will realize how beautiful and rich it is. There are numerous areas where you can get home and still be close to large cities. So, in order to find a better home and to make your future life easier in France, start off by figuring out what it is really like.

Prepare for moving

First off, you will have to prepare for moving. International moving is a complicated project and you need to first research it properly. Start off by visiting sites like and learning as much as you can about the whole moving process. As you will soon realize, preparing for an international relocation takes time. So, you need to start planning your relocation at least a month before executing it. Try to use your knowledge to calculate the amount of time it will take you to prepare, and then add another fifty percent of it. Mishaps and mistakes will happen, and you will need time to deal with them in order to have a successful relocation.

Finding movers

There is no international relocation without professional movers. Some of you may be able to deal with a local one all by yourself. But, when it comes to moving to France, you better hire assistance for your international relocation. Only with the help from reliable, competent movers will you be able to relocate successfully. Start looking for them the moment you realize that you are going to move. You will first need to contact your local movers and get a moving estimate. The more estimates you get the better you will be able to plan your budget and filter out the bad movers. After that, you will need to interview your movers and formalize a solid moving plan. As you can clearly see, there is a lot to do. Which is why you need to go at it as soon as possible.

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