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Does Twitter have Insights?

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it is handy for the growth of your business. However, you cannot compare the success of your business without having a detailed insight into the activities of your business on Twitter. Continuous evaluation and examining of your work are pivotal, and luckily, Twitter is providing all the options to facilitate its users in the business. Therefore, we can say that Twitter has a robust variety of insights.

Why do you need to keep a Record of Insights?

You need to devise a comprehensive strategy for maximum engagement and exposure. I have done detailed research on the quality of Twitter insights, and how we can evaluate our performance by different analytical tools and strategies. Twitter analytics give a lot of meaningful information regarding our competitors, our followers, and above all, our daily interaction with different users. If you take care of the things that have been mentioned below, then your tweets will start resonating with your target audience. Let’s have a look at some of the insights:

1.     Comparison of your Followers

You can compare the information of your followers on different niches such as interests, behavior, daily engagement, and inclination towards replying the tweets. You will be able to copy the strategies of other brands to give rise to your Twitter followers.

2.     Daily Tweets Impressions

You can also calculate the intensity of impressions and tweets on your Twitter profile. This thing will help you to have an idea about the nature of tweets that have more reactions. You can also examine your monthly activities and interactions.

3.     Monthly Performance

Twitter updates the statistics of your followers after every 30 days. It also tells you how many followers you have gained per day. You should also consider running a followers’ campaign to engage with an active audience.

4.     Trending Topics

A Twitter dashboard can be used to discover popular and trending things. Twitter will give you a thorough insight into the latest events, holidays, and upcoming promotions.

5.     Engagement Rate

This section of the tweets will also show how often users interact and engage with your tweets. Little engagement means that you need to change the content of your tweets. You can add different photos and short videos to enhance the overall engagement.

6.     Video Performance

If you are uploading different videos to engage more audience, then you will certainly need to evaluate your performance and the user engagement on your video. For example, you might want to see whether the followers are watching the videos to completion or not? You should also be tracking your videos for better user experience.

7.     Hashtag Comparison

A deep insight into the usage of the hashtags, trending hashtags, and the interaction of the users with particular hashtags is also essential for the success of your business. You need to track what types of hashtags are favored at a specific occasion.

Various Tools to Manage the Analytics

Many tools in the market can help you evaluate and examine the statistics. The tools that I have discussed will prove helpful in comparing your market success with those of your competitors

1.     Union Metrics:

Union Metrics will show the statistics in the colorful graphic, which can be understood by anyone. It will tell you about campaign reporting, competitor analysis, and keyword listening

2.     Bluenod:

Bluenod is helpful if you want to analyze the data of communities. You will have a better idea of the conversation of the communities and the interaction between them. You can integrate the topics of their discussion into your posts to get more attention.

3.     Native Twitter Analytics

If you do not have enough money to buy premium tools, then this tool is suitable for you. It will give you a detailed insight into your analytics without any cost.

4.     Keyhole:

Keyhole will help you in understanding and tracking the sentiments of the audience. You will have a genuine idea of what people think about your brand.

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