Otterbottle Stainless Steel Drink Bottles and Food Containers – Insulating Style!

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My family had the opportunity to test drive Otterbottle’s insulated food containers and drink bottles over the past few months. Being very eco-conscious, I was immediately drawn to the fact that they are made from two-walled (or double-walled) stainless steel. Stainless steel is not only long-lasting and durable, it is also a highly recyclable material and perfect for our eco-friendly lifestyle. I also loved that the parts of the containers that come in constant contact with the food and drink are made from a safe, non-toxic material, without any risk of harmful chemicals potentially leaching into our packed lunches. some times ecommercy organizetion offers bulk food storage containers for low cost.

In order to give the Otterbottle containers a thumbs-up, I was looking for a product that did not leak, was well-made, was stylish, and most importantly, would keep our food and drink at the right temperature.

Here is what I found:

  • Both the food containers and drink bottles had great seals and were leak-proof. Not a drop of food or beverage was lost!
  • The products were very durable and held up well to everyday use, and even my young children did not destroy them. They still look new after months of use.
  • Otterbottles scored high points on style from both the adults in the family and the children alike – from a whimsical owl in orange to electric blue space explorers, we found a design and colour to please every member of the family.
  • We were able to keep soup piping hot for at least four hours (we pack our daughter’s school lunch at 8 am and she doesn’t eat until 11:40 am); we were also able to immerse a jar of heated baby food in a container of hot water and keep that warm for over 4 hours.
  • Our water stayed cold for almost 5 hours in an Otterbottle drink bottle during a day at the park on an extremely hot day.

With results like these, I would actually give the Otterbottle line of stainless steel food containers and drink bottles two thumbs up! I also discovered some tips to get the best results for delivering meals and beverages at the perfect temperature:

  • To keep foods or beverages hot, allow some hot water to sit in the container while you are heating up your meal.
  • To keep foods or beverages cold, use cold water instead. For ice drinks, throw some ice cubes in as well.

So whether you brown-bag your lunch to save money or because it’s better for your health, you can now do it in style with double-wall stainless steel food containers and drink bottles from Otterbottle.

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