Dorm life in Columbus

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When heading to university in Columbus, you’re having a chance to move into a student dorm. Here you can find hundreds of other students your own age. A dorm is a place where you can study, make friends, and share accommodations and amenities. Dorm life in Columbus is probably one of the most iconic experiences in college. Here are a few things you need to know when starting a dorm life in Columbus. 

Dorm life in Columbus – what to expect?

When move-in day comes, you may find out that your new space is a little sparse. You only have a bed, desk and chair, a few drawers and a closet. But, the good news is that you can decorate it on your own. Hopefully, with the help of a roommate, you can create a personalized and functional space. Of course, dorms aren’t known for being spacious. So, keep this on your mind if you ask yourself how to get ready when moving. Make sure you have all the things you need and space to move around the dorm room.

Contact the Housing Department of your college

Every help you can get is important when moving as a college studentThe Housing Department is a place where you can get every information you need about dorm life in Columbus.

You can find out:

  • Pieces of information about your room – Like the size and number of roommates.
  • The furniture items and appliances – This is a very important piece of information because you’ll know what to pack.
  • Areas for students – Like the common kitchen for students.
  • Forbidden items – Some dorms have a list of items that are forbidden. Make sure you have that list.
  • Pack smart

As it’s mentioned before dorms aren’t spacious, so only pack what you need. Your parents can always send you some things. Or take what you need when you go home for the weekend. Because you probably won’t have a place to store everything you possess. Also, try not to bring any extra furniture. They can easily take a quarter of the room, and cause problems with a roommate. If you need help with packing, you should contact Zippy Shell Columbus.

After the move – Tips for dorm life in Columbus

Once you move into a dorm, you will explore, study, and enjoy. But, dorm life in Columbus has many challenges and you will need to follow a few tips to overcome them.

  • Use plastic dishes
  • Learn to use a washing machine
  • Manage your food
  • Be nice to your roommate
  • Divide responsibilities with your roommate early
  • Beware of group bathrooms
  • Keep money and valuables safe

Use plastic dishes

You don’t need proper dishes in your dorm life in Columbus. They require the conditions that you don’t have in your room. So, use plastic forks, spoons, knives and cups, and paper plates. They’ll save you a lot of time because you’ll never wash them. Plus, there won’t be any glass on your floor when you accidentally drop things.

Learn to use a washing machine

Make a plan with your roommate about timesharing the washing machine. Also, don’t let your clothes pile up and expand from the box. Dorm life in Columbus demands that you learn to use a washing machine. Pay attention to clothes color coding, and washing instructions.

Manage your food

In your dorm life in Columbus, there will be a time when you’ll be starving and the kitchen is closed. But, you can avoid this in two ways. First, make sure you always have some snacks in your room. Second, take some pieces of food when you’re leaving the kitchen. This is not stealing, because you paid for your food. This way you’ll always have some extra food with yourself.

Be nice to your roommate

If you want to improve your dorm life in Columbus, the first step you can take is to be nice to your roommate. Of course, this can’t guarantee a good relationship between you two, but it’s a good start. Every college has those horror stories of a roommate that is impossible to live with. Or the one that steals. If you can’t control who will live with you, you can make sure you’re not that roommate. Try to give space and privacy, especially when exams come. If you treat your roommate with respect, they’ll most likely return it.

Divide responsibilities with your roommate early

This is very important when you’re starting a dorm life in Columbus. After you and the roommate introduce, divide the responsibilities and make sure they are equal. Put everything on paper, and if any of you fails to follow the rules, address it in a non-hostile manner. With a fair division of duties, you can avoid many problems.

Beware of group bathrooms

This refers to dorms that have a group bathroom principle. Group bathrooms mean that many people hare the same toilet and shower. So, prepare your own set of cleaning tools. Like sprays and sterilizations. Every time you go to the toilet spray, and you’ll be sure everything is clean. Also, you can buy shower shoes. They can help you avoid an athletes foot or a nasty wart.

Keep money and valuables safe

No matter how good you think you know your roommate, keep valuable things safe. Have a secret stash somewhere or just keep it with yourself always. Even though this seems a bit paranoid, you definitely want to avoid stealing. This is very important when starting a dorm life in Columbus.

Meet the people on your floor

The first week or two is important when making connections. Meet the people on your floor, knock on doors, introduce yourself! You can organize a group of other students to go to dinner together.

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