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8 Real Reasons Why Your Smartphones Battery Runs Out Fast

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5+ Real Reasons Why Your Smartphones Battery Runs Fast

Are you feeling annoyed in everytime your enjoying music or watching favorite videos on youtube and suddenly your phone ask you to connect in charger?

  1. You are getting too many notifications The notification is very important in smartphones because it allows the user to know the latest updates on its applications. This permits a smartphone to get and show social media or content message cautions indeed when the device’s screen is bolted and the social media application that’s pushing notification. But what do you think your phone doing everytime it receives information and push notification? It is continually lighting up screen, playing notice sounds and vibrating which uses more power than in idle.
  2. Installed Applications are remaining active within the background process – Are you aware that there are applications running in background even you don’t use them? You can check out which of your apps are utilizing the foremost battery control by opening the Settings App and exploring to Battery dashboard. Background process is essential to get the latest alerts and push you notification. These may be due to auto synchronization of the apps.
  3. You are using Live and Colorful Wallpaper – Smartphones today is equip with GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) which primary work is to make your screen experience awesome from displaying great colors and  smooth video playback. So everytime your screen display is working, your GPU is using your phones battery and draining it as fast as you wont notice.
  4. Google Play Services Runs Background – Google Play Services is an essential application installed in every android unit which is very important in the whole operating system process. We cannot stop this process however, its not a good idea to prevent this app running.
  5. Weak Cellular, Wifi, and Bluetooth Signals – If your phone places in area which has poor cellular, wifi and bluetooth signals, then obviously your phones battery will drains fast as your phone tries to amplify signal output to communicate. This amplification needs more power.
  6. Your Screen Back-light Consumes Most of the Power – This is often the most reason why smartphone’s battery drains fast.
  7. Your unit has hardware problem – If your charger is damage or faulty, or if you are using not genuine charger designed for your smartphone, I’m pretty sure that your battery will drain constantly.
  8. Your battery is faulty – If you check all the reasons mentioned above and the problem stand still, maybe you should consider that your battery had the problem.

Now that you know the reasons why your battery runs fast, its time to take an action. This simple tips will help you to save your smartphones battery.

So, these are the 10 Reasons why your smartphone Battery is depleting quick. What do you think almost this? Share your sees within the comments area underneath.

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