Living in Chinatown, NYC

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Living in Chinatown, New York is quite different now than it used to be in the past. You might imagine the Chinese quarter like in the 1960s movies when the streets were covered with clouds of steam while tiny Chinese were rushing up and down for some jobs they only knew about. But today, the picture is different. In addition to decorations that characterize the Chinese culture, you can see a city with restaurants, shops, small workshops, and larger companies, special grocery stores, and Chinese herbs. Of course, the city is different from Manhattan and looks more like Hong Kong, but the impact of New York is certainly present. If you are planning to live there, and you aren’t Chinese, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a different way of life and a different environment outside of your home.

How to live in Chinatown

There are a lot of friendly people in Chinatown, but they have lost their wide smiles and happy faces like in the above-mentioned films. Yes, you will find a smile but less often. People have turned to their families and their tradition more passionately. Generally, everyone has become more reserved and careful when it comes to making friends. You will notice this, by all means, if you ever move there. Namely, this situation was probably influenced by the Western world to which these people came.

Living conditions in Chinatown

If you are a fan of Chinese food, then you are in the right place. More importantly, there are a lot of high-quality schools which are sometimes very difficult to get into. If you like driving a car, parking will be a big problem. Thus, public transportation is recommended. If living in Chinatown seems suitable for you, you have to know something about prices and moving companies, because good movers can be found in Chinatown.

Prices are rising in Chinatown

So, we come to some important information. Prices for renting and buying apartments are rising. Today you can rent an apartment with two bedrooms of 500 square feet for $ 3,500 to $ 4,000. Yes, you can also find some cheaper apartments for some $ 2,500 for one bedroom. If you are ready to walk and lack some of the amenities, living here could be a nice experience, different from the living in any other part of NYC. Chinatown is a place to enjoy good food, culture, shopping, and to explore new, fascinating areas. There is much to see, but there are no elevators, and space for living is smaller. Finally, movers at are there to help with turning your plans into reality if you ever decide to make a change and move there.

Consider some benefits you can get before signing a lease

Typically, apartments for rent are renovated before the new occupants move in. Owners want to rent their newly renovated apartments as soon as possible, and often offer the first month of free housing. Sometimes the offer prolongs to a month and a half or even two months. Most often, people find their place to live by using the internet. So, living in Chinatown, NYC might be a new chance for you to turn a new leaf in your life. Take some time to think about it.

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