Living in Lebanon – what’s to know

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Lebanon is a little country in the Middle East with the Beirut as the capital city. It borders Syria to the North and East, and Israel to the South. Its location is on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. When you are living in Lebanon you will hear a number of different languages spoken throughout the country. That includes Lebanese, Arabic, French, and English. That is what makes this country so great. It has a very wide and varied range of cultures, religions and ethnic groups. There’s more to Lebanon than just summer resorts and sunny beaches. You see, some expats around the world are attracting to this small Mediterranean country. Because of its growing banking sector, urban development, tourism and for so many other reasons.

Living in Lebanon

Lebanon is a country whose economy is developing. The private sector is clearly the most important to the economy. Besides the private sector, there is also a large banking sector. And also their tourist industry is very important for the business as well. That provides lots of jobs to those working in Lebanon, and they help the economy to improve. Some of Lebanon’s major industries include farming, banking, transport equipment, chemicals, and metal products.

As mentioned before the tourism industry is very important and very popular in Lebanon. The numbers of tourists who are visiting the country are growing every year. Also what is very popular is that there are lots of small to medium-sized businesses in Lebanon. And their growth is responsible for the economic recovery of Lebanon after the 1975-1990 civil war.

Adjusting to the new climate

Before you visit and find the best relocation services you need to prepare for moving to Lebanon. You need to gather every information about Lebanon. Because you have to be ready and you have to prepare for a new life in this beautiful country. And one of that stuff you need to inform is the climate. You see, the country itself is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why the climate is mostly Mediterranean. Summers can get very hot and humid. In the mountains and other elevated areas of the country, temperatures can be freezing during the winter. And when heavy snowfall settles, it may not melt away fully until the height of summer.

Work Permits for Lebanon

When you are living in Lebanon you are going to need a work permit. Because here, like any other country, there are a number of different types of visas that are available. Those are residency visa, student visa, tourist visa, collective visa, and a work visa. And if you want a job here, then you are going to need some paperwork. Because if your employer is looking for you to get a work visa for Lebanon, they will need to supply an application to the General Security. And they can do that but only after getting approval from the Labor Ministry. Then that job they are hiring you for can only be done by you and not a Lebanese person.

But if your future employer cannot prove that your work is essential to their business, then you will not get a work permit. Once you get your work permit, you can then make an application for a residency visa. That can allow you to stay in the country for a year. Also, you should know that a residency visa can be applied to allow your spouse and children to live with you in Lebanon. But your work and residency visa will not allow your spouse to work in Lebanon.

Healthcare system in Lebanon

When living in Lebanon, you should know that the healthcare system here is mainly private. It is run by professionals whose skills can provide a very high level of care. This private healthcare system means that it is difficult to find a public doctor or hospital to treat any ailments for free. That’s why the overall cost of healthcare in Lebanon per person is very expensive. And any visitor or foreign national should have health insurance to cover them for the entirety of their stay in the country. Because if you don’t have insurance, healthcare is very expensive. And cash payment is requiring in advance of any treatment. Besides, doctors in Lebanon are one of the best from all Middle Eastern countries.

Education in Lebanon

First thing you should know if you are moving to Lebanon with your family that education here is necessary for children between 3 and 14. Their education has three stages; pre-school, basic education, and secondary education. Kids begin pre-school at 3 or 4. And they finish secondary education at the age of 18. Tertiary education is available in the form of universities. More than 52% of young people in Lebanon attend university or another form of higher education.

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut’s location is on the shores of the Mediterranean. It is in the middle of Lebanon’s west coast. And by far it is the most important city in the small Middle Eastern country. And, as the capital, is the center of its economy, culture, and government. All of this is taking place in the Beirut Central District. Beirut is also the prime location for entertainment, shopping, and dining. It is a great place if living in Lebanon is your choice. Because all of this is making him one of the most diverse cities in the region. It is a perfect mix of cultures and religions, dominated by Christianity and Islam. Expats mix smoothly with locals and each other than in other parts of the Middle East.

If you’re young, single and looking for entertainment then Beirut is the place for you! Beirut is where it happens the best parties where are the best pubs and night clubs in the country. Hundreds of pubs and night clubs offer much freedom, entertainment, shows, and international artists. The music is for all tastes, some even offer karaoke. There is a lot of flirting, exotic drinks, and colorful, and beautiful people having fun until sunrise.


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