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Earn Money by Posting Article or Joining Discussion – Blogging Alternatives

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Is blogging today really makes passive income? If you want to make extra income online as alternatives blogging, you land in the right page.

I started blogging 2 years ago from now, and believe me or not, it takes up to 8 months before i earn my first income using my website. So how does blogging works and how can you earn from it.

First, you need to buy your own domain (like which cost about $10.00. You also need to buy web-hosting package. In choosing web hosting package, i will recommend you to base on the performance over price because cheap web hosting like $1.00 per month is not a good choice. You even don’t wanted to visit a super slow website, don’t you? So you better choose shared hosting package that has a very competitive and essential features such as having high RAM and disk capacity which cost about $4.00 per month. Setting up wordpress blog is easy but it takes time to configure the best option for you.

After you set-up your website, you need to find a trending niche. Remember that search engines like Google will only index webpages with quality content, which will takes time.

You also need to create social media pages and share your blog post which will drive traffic to your blog. But building a community in your social media pages is not as easy as you think because you need a people with the same niche to be surround in your post which will cost you about $20 to $100 worth of paid advertisement. Another problems you will encountered is some of the social media sites especially facebook, will restrict you for posting low authority links and remember that your domain is a newly purchased one.

Another thing you should consider is learning the On Page Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is the blood of website.

To monetized your content, you need to place an advertisement in your blog. The most common advertisement network is Google Adsense. In able to place Adsense advertisement, you should comply to their policy. In able to get paid as low as $300.00 a month, you need to have atleast 3,000 visitors a day.


So how can I earn money online without blogging? Is there an alternatives?

The answer is by sharing links. Simply follow the simple steps below to learn how you can earn money online without blogging.

  1. Signup in one or more of these websites.
  2. Create a discussion, or post your own article
  3. Inject your own advertisement and earn extra income!

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