Who programmed Algebra? Where it originates?

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I know it may sound silly but who invented algebra? Do you have history of it? In which country it originates?


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    Algebra can basically be taken into consideration as doing computations similar to those of mathematics however with non-numerical mathematical items. however, until the 19th century, algebra consisted basically of the concept of equations. Algebra is a branch of mathematics coping with symbols and the guidelines for manipulating those symbols. The belief that there exists this kind of distinct sub-discipline of arithmetic, in addition to the term algebra to denote it. simple and herbal as the perception of “equation” might also seem now, it involves a brilliant quantity of mutually interacting, man or woman mathematical notions, every of which became the outcome of a long and complicated ancient method. although the time period “algebra” is now in frequent use, numerous different appellations had been used by the Italian mathematicians for the duration of the Renaissance. The beginnings of algebra had been traced again as a long way as historic Egypt and Babylon. no one person has been given entire credit for the problem of algebra; but, of the fine-recognised ‘Fathers of Algebra’ are Abu Jaafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Al Khwarizmi and Diophantus, who made contributions to the second one degree of algebra.

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