HTML Components

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If you are a student or a web development beginner, you arrived at the right article.

This article will guide you on the components and function of HTML

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. It is a standardized system of code for tagging text files. This is to program the font, font size, style, body style, color, graphic, hyperlink, navigation, and everything we viewed in web pages.

1. <!DOCTYPE html> is not a html tag, but a simple instruction to tell the web browser what version of html is written in the page.
2. <html> is just an opening of the html document. It ended with end-tag of </html>
3. <head> is an opening of meta data tags. It contains the meta data tags.
4. <title> </title> – Meta Name tag. It describes the title of the page.
5. <meta name=”description” content=” /> is meta description tag. It describes the content of the page. It is very helpful for researchers on search engines.
6. <meta name=”keywords” content=”” /> is a meta keyword which helps your page to visible in search engines. Keywords should be the title or ideas about your page.
7. <h1> </h1> is pertaining to heading. The page title must be written using this tag.
8. <h2> </h2> is pertaining to subheading. The subtitle of the page must be write using this tag.
9. <p> is a html tag use to insert paragraph.
10. <div style=”text-align: left;”> is a tag use to force all items to stick in left side of the page
11. <center> is a tag use to force all items to stick in center position.
12. <br> is a break tag. It is widely use to create vertical space between objects in the page.
13. <hr> is a tag use to create horizontal lines across the whole page
14. </> is signifying the end tag. Don’t be confuse to this tag, if you see / it means it is the end of it.


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