Ano nga ba ang mga nagawa ni Pres. Duterte vs. Trillanes

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Ive been searching for info how to compare achievements of our president Duterte vs. trilling and till i find this somewhere i cant remember so thanks to the owner of this details.
This is an eye opppener to those who praise trillanes and company (mga dilawan si sison)
Basahing mabuti at buksan ang isip nio kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo

-46 years Lawyer
-9 Years Prosecutor
-23 Years Mayor
-3 years vice mayor
-3 years Congressman
-Turned Davao City from a warzone into a liveable, highly urbanized city, cleanest amd safest city.
-Installed 911 in Davao and the entire country – first in Asia
-Implemented 8888 – that is why the corrupt hate him so much
-War on drugs – detroyed thousands of drug laboratories, the father of all drug lords called Dragon – Parojinog is now in hell, Jaguar as well in now in hell – the king of drug lords in visayas, Peter Lim is now wanted, Big time chinese drug lord in Valenzuela is killed – these people are all untouchables and they had been operating for decades and got protections from Aquino/LP/Delima.
-more than 2 million drug addicts have surrendered voluntarily and now under treatment.
-built hundreds of rehab centres all across the country
-Passport is now 10 years and Driving license is 5 yrs validity. – 24/7 infra
-And current President with the highest votes ever recorded in the Philippine history!
-Doubled the salary of our military and policemen
-and more to mention.

-Coup d’etat oakwood Mutiny 2003
-Rebellion Manila peninsula siege 2007
-Jailed for 7 1/2 years
-Fighting with senate pres.Enrile
-Fighting with senator cayetano
-Fighting with senator pacquiao
-Fighting with senator zubiri
-back to back criminal cases
-Flying in and out of the country to throw lies and destroy his own country just to bring down Pres. Duterte.
-Backdoor negotiation to the military of China in 2012 and after his 16th secret visit, China just took over control our Philippine island called Scarborough Shoal hassle free.
-Filed cases against the President to ICC with no evidence and only full hearsays with paid witnesses.
-Paid Motabato and Lascanas – and now the two criminals are living like the wealthiest men in the world outside the country after they got millions of pesos from Traitor Trillanes from his 300 million PDAF he got from Aquino. (Pera ng taong bayan nilulustay ng demonyo mapabagsak lng si Duterte.
-Paid the priests, meanstream media and his supporters.
-Presscon here and there.

Now who has the credibility and dignity?.Baliw at salot sa bayan na lng susuporta sa hudas at traydor na Trillanes na yan.

Sino ang mas matagal nasa mataas na posisyon ng gobyerno? di bat si Trilling? SIno ang mas madaming nagawa? di ba ti tatay digong?
Ngayon bakit madaming supporters ang mga dilawan? Dahil lahat sila salot sa bayan at mga utak nila baluktot

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