Is FACEBOOK COMMUNITY STANDARD really works? The General Discussion about Facebooks Lockdown

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Being a webmaster, social media is essential for search engine optimization that will be a great help for my site to get rank in search engines such as google and yahoo.

I personally use facebook a lot to introduce my website to the crow. I created a facebook page that will update links from my site time to time. But it doesn’t work as I expected.

A year ago, I discovered that posting links in facebook is prohibited. In fact, I lost 7 accounts because of posting links that facebook mark as spam without notifying me what’s going on. What I did is simply post a referral link to a group that doing the same thing as I did and something went wrong. Facebook disabled my account saying that I need to confirm my identity. But the step doesn’t work. I uploaded my personal photo that clearly shows my face, and wait till they review my photo until they said that my account is disabled. I created a new account as usual but it happens again and again till I found out that I already lost 5 accounts.

Last august, I created a duplicated account that should be the admin of my page. I know that it is against to the facebook community standards to create 2 or more profiles but sI need an assurance. It is frustrating and I don’t want to create a new personal account once my current account will be disabled again and again.

To make facebook community safe, there are rules that every facebook account holders should know; that is the facebook community standards.

Last week, one of my duplicate account receive notifications from facebook support said “we remove your post because it looks like spam and doesn’t follow our community standard. I don’t know how facebook said that though I read their community standards couple times and Im pretty assure that I comply to that standards. My website (this website) doesn’t contain any spam so I have no Idea how facebook come up with that conclusion. Another same notification pop-ups in my account after an hour. Lastly, I post another link in my page and my account was disabled. But I am wondering how and why other entity such as news company able to post their links in facebook page minute to minute without restrictions like what facebook did to me? I guess that big companies who spent money on advertisin in facebook would never be mark as spam and because I am just a little publisher and just thinking to advertise on them, just mark as spammer. By the way, I decided to reject my idea to promote my website by boosting my page it’s just because I might waste my money in advertising though my website will mark as spam.

By the way, facebook earns profit by people and businesses who boost their facebook fan page/business page to the crowed. The platform is free to the public and as what someone tells me, if the service is free, therefore the users are the products and that’s how facebook works.

Speaking of Community Standards, they said that they don’t allowed posting something that my harm public, including the harsh words, or violence. Because I have too much curiosity, I tested the said standards. I reported a number of spam links from public groups I joined and I am pretty assured that they are spam websites that offer high yield investment platform using bitcoin. As a concrete evidence, some of the guys in the group seconded my motion. As I expected, after more or less 8 hours I receive a notification from support saying that “We reviewed the link you reported and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.” I report other things such as dirty words on a post from public groups like “P*t*ng *n*” (a harsh word in Filipino cultures) but I got the same message. Lastly, I reported a photo and I am pretty sure that I violates the community standards because it promotes nudity and pornography but again I got the same message.

By the time I’m writing this blog, I still waiting from facebook’s reply to my question “why did you mark my link as spam though my website doesn’t contain any of it? And why does they decided to block without telling me any details why and how they come up with that conclusions. I want a concrete and clear answer from them or else I will treasure this thing as facebook bugs.


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