What is a Job Description? Job Description Sample and Template – Human Resource Management

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A Job Description is a term used in human resource is simple refers to a document that specify the Duties and Responsibilities, Job Title, nature of work, and task of the position.

The primary use of Job Description is to specify the task and responsibility of specific job position. It is also use during the acquisition of employees as basis of qualification. It includes necessary details such as required education, experience, specialty and skills.

Through Job Description, the employee or the management can easily identify if the reason of working conflict. For example, in a super market, the customers complaint that one of their security guards doesn’t help them in pushing the cart full of items. The Job Description will tell whether the employee or the management is responsible, and whose side should pay. The employee might say that his job description didn’t tell that he should help customers in carrying their stuffs.

Here is an Example of Job Desciption of Security Guard
Job Title – This will be what the job called. A security guards job title could be Security Officer and Security Guard.
Job Summary – A short description where the applicants will determine what kind of job they are applying for. An example is;

“Our Trusted Security Agency are looking competitive and highly skilled applicants for position of Security Officer which will be assigned in super market. The said position will be responsible in securing and protecting the assets, customers, and personnel of our client.”

Duties and Responsibilities – In this section, the primary task and responsibilities of the job position will specify. See an example below.
1. Must provide full security tolerance, ensure the safety and security of the establishment, the personnel, especially the customers and their belongings.
2. Must provide full customer service such as helping the customers in carrying their stuffs, pushing carts, helping them in parking their vehicles, and giving full assistance specially to persons with disabilities.
3. Should protect the establishments’ assets, customers and personnel’s during illegal activities such as firing, robbery, and thief.
4. Should response in any emergency situations such as fire, earthquake, and related natural disaster.
5. Should comply to the regulations of administration such as working schedule, proper procedure, and wearing of uniforms.
6. Ensure the cleanliness of operating area
7. Should great every customer in your area.

Qualifications – Simply contains the list of requirements. See an example below.
1. Must be 20 to 50 years old
2. High-School graduate
3. Excellent in communication skills both orally and in writing
4. Must undergo minimum of 6 months security training
5. Must undergo first aid training
6. Must have clear police record and no history of crime involvement

*Please take note that the details written above is the general job description of security guards. It may be differs base on factors such as country, nature of business, the managements, etc.

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