Dubai Desert Dune Buggy Riding: What You Need To Know

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For travelers and adventurers across the world, Dubai desert dune buggy riding remains one of the top priorities when they visit the Arab nation. Traveling might be a passion for you, and the experiences you come across remains treasured in your heart. Well, buggy riding in the deserts of Dubai is one of the fantasies that you might be willing to realize. Book a trip with one of the reputed tour organizers and experience the thrill that the desert has in store for you. Adventure and joy come plentiful when you explore the desert on a quad bike during your desert safari. Buggy riding in Dubai remains one of the top attractions of the desert safari. Besides, you can get the trip customized to your needs.

Buggy riding also referred to as buggy dune tour and buggy safari tour, allows you to explore the desert landscape. Travelers love unleashing the thrills of the desert and absorb the pleasure in their hearts. A number of tour organizers arrange for these safaris. Get across to one of these companies and plan your desert safari. Enjoy buggy riding in Dubai with your family and friends and experience the excitement among the red sand dunes.

Dubai Desert Dune Buggy Riding

If you are an adventure-lover, buggy riding in Dubai desert should be in your to-do list. Particularly, teenagers and young people love manoeuvring the quad bikes in the desert, as they explore the high and low dunes. During buggy riding, you can follow the nature trails on the sand and have a great time with the group members. The hydraulically designed buggy has a robust engine and it is the best way to explore the desert. You can choose from single and double seated buggies, as per your needs. Have a consultation with the tour organizers regarding the preferences, and they will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Each group is accompanied by trained guides, and you can approach them for any assistance whenever required. The safety apparatus like glasses and helmet is provided to the visitors. The guide trains up the travelers with the necessary explanation to manoeuvre the quad bikes. This ensures that you will enjoy the buggy riding in Dubai desert without any hassle. The experience is really something you have not enjoyed before, and you can freely explore the areas around the camp on the buggy.

Well, the buggy riding remains a part of every tour in the desert. You might go for the morning safari in the desert, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari or all-day desert safari. In any case, you can experience the Dubai desert dune buggy riding. However, some tour organizers offer buggy riding as an add-on with the package, and you may want to include the same when you plan your trip.

Buggy riding in Dubai desert: At a glance

  • The SUV will pick you up from the hotel
  • You will be taken to the camp in the desert
  • The guide will brief you up with the necessary instructions
  • Glasses and helmets will be provided
  • You can drive the buggy for 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • The travelers will enjoy the soft beverages
  • The package may include other activities like camel riding, sandboarding, etc.
  • A delicious lunch will be served with traditional Arab delicacies
  • You will be dropped off at the hotel

Book your desert safari with buggy riding in Dubai

If you crave to explore the desert on the automated buggies or quad bikes, reach out to one of the reputed tour organizers and book your safari. Even if you are on a solo trip or business tour to Dubai, you cannot afford to miss out this experience. Besides, you have a wide range of adventure sports to enjoy in the desert.

A large number of tourists prefer exploring the desert for the entire day. In the evening, you will enjoy traditional entertainment shows. The Tanoura dance, belly dancing and fire shows are among the most appreciated entertainment activities. Customize your trip when you go for Dubai desert dune buggy riding to make the most of your moments. The beverages, traditional desert food and BBQ dinner are some of the other attractions of the desert. You can even go for an overnight desert safari, where you can enjoy buggy riding till dark and then relax under the stars, watching the entertainment shows.

The overnight Dubai desert buggy riding lasts between 3 pm to 9:30 am on the next day. You can have a closer look at the lifestyles of the Bedouins, visit their camps and get a taste of lifestyle of the desert folks.

It is advisable that small kids, pregnant women, senior citizens and people suffering from heart ailments or high blood pressure should not go for the buggy riding tour. Besides, if you are not comfortable rising to heights, you should opt out of the tour. The organizers carry emergency and first aid kits and you can approach them in case you face any issue. Contact the reputed trip organizers for customized Dubai desert dune buggy riding tours. You will love the adventure and thrill in the desert that draws travelers across the globe.

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