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If you arrived at this page because you are an applicant seeking an idea of working conditions, duties and responsibilities, of a Office Clerk, you are in the right page.

If you are a Human Resource Officer, this sample of Office Clerk Job Description will greatly help you to create and customized your own Job Description.

Office Clerk performs varied and general task compare to other specific office staff. Candidate doesn’t require to have specialize office management skills but expected to possessed basic office management skills such as answering phone calls, document processing, computer works, office machine works, and accepting orders.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Answer Telephone Calls, Email and other communications with the customers, client, and the employees.
2. Perform office works such as typing job, document printing, copying, distributing, sorting, filling, and related document processes.
3. Take and perform especial assignments from immediate superior.
4. Updating office calendars and schedules.
5. Inventory, maintaining, and order office supplies and materials.
6. Preparing and Processing documents such as memorandum, 201 files, transaction recording, bookkeeping, orders slip, pay slip, and almost all documents in office.
7. Train other staff, newly hired employees, and on the job training students (OJT) with essential duties and skills they need to learn.
8. Maintain cleanliness beyond your vicinity.

1. 18 years old and above
2. Highschool Graduate, College level or Graduate in Office Management, and any related Degrees.
3. Excellent in communication skills both oral and written
4. Must be computer literate and can perform basic computer and office equipment troubleshooting.
5. Can perform multitasking with full efficiency in time, effort, and office resources.

*Please take note that the details written above is the general job description of office clerk that widely use in different companies arround the globe. It may differ base on factors such as country, nature of business, the managements, etc.

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