Philippines and United States Armed Forces Stand Together Once More on BALIKATAN Exercises Amid Chinese Presence in the Philippine Government

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Balikatan 2019 is the 35th installment of the works out. Thousands of Filipino and American warriors stand together once more. Balikatan, which means shoulder-to-shoulder, is the annually joint works out of the military of the 2 ancient companions to resume its their ties and put together together within the subject to plot for manageable future clashes. On Monday, April 1, the Armed Strengths of the Philippines and the Joined collectively States outfitted Powers opened the 2019 Balikatan Works out in the Tejeros corridor of Camp Aguinaldo. The works out this year stamp one of the greatest inside the undertaking’s history, inclusive off our,000 Filipino, 3,500 American, and 50 Australian squaddies.

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